One thing that is essential to any knitter is a bag to house their knitting project. You know the one that sits next to your couch or favorite chair and can be toted to and from just about anywhere. But perhaps even more important is what's inside that project bag.


If you're new to knitting you may be thinking "what's in a knitting bag besides yarn and knitting needles?" The truth is a lot! There is a whole other world in there. It's filled with tiny bottles, cases, sharp things, pretty things...key tools for any knitter. Have I peeked your interest?


Here is a peek inside my current knitting bag. I say current because as any knitting addict knows, there's not just one. Yes, I have multiple project bags which also means I have more than one project on the go at one time. But that's a whole other blog post in itself. I love picking out fun totes to carry my projects in...I got the one above for Christmas from my friend.

Every knitter will have their own preference of what goes into their project bag. These are the tools that help you get the job done so they will vary depending on the type of knitting project as well.

Some of the items you'll find in my knitting bag are: 
  • measuring tape
  • pom pom maker
  • crochet hooks
  • needle gauge
  • stitch holders
  • stitch markers
  • tiny scissors
  • safety pins
  • an assortment of darning needles

Clockwise from top: measuring tape, pom pom maker, crochet hooks, needle gauge, stitch holders
These are all key tools and each has a purpose. The measuring tape and pom pom maker are pretty much self explanatory, one measures things the other helps to make pom poms. Crochet hooks can be used for several things like picking up dropped stitches and casting / binding off. I use a needle gauge to check the size of my needles and measure the gauge of my knitting project. Stitch holders hold stitches when you're not working on them, but you can also use scrap yarn for this.

Clockwise from top: stitch markers, darning needles, small stitch holder, scissors, safety pins

    Stitch markers come in many sizes. They slide onto your needle and mark a place for you like where a pattern in your knitting starts and stops. Scissors are handy for breaking / cutting the yarn at the end of your project and trimming ends that have been darned in. Safety pins are another multipurpose item. I use them for marking the front of my work and holding stitches. And last are the darning needles. I always keep a variety of sizes to match the size yarn I'm using. They are using for weaving the ends of yarn into your finished project.

    Some other items I like to keep handy but aren't shown in my pictures are:
    • pen or pencil
    • highlighter
    • sticky tabs

    It's always helpful to have a pen / pencil handy for making notes when working on a pattern or for keeping track of how many rows you've worked. Alternatively you could use a stitch / row counter. Highlighters I use when working on a stranded or fairisle pattern. I like to highlight each row once I've completed it. Sticky tabs can be used to instead of a highlighter to mark which row your working on. They are great because you can easily stick them and then remove and re-stick them to where you left off in your pattern.


    I like to keep everything tidy and not just floating around the bottom of my bag. This is where small pouches, bottles and cases come in handy. The smaller items fit inside an old glass pill bottle. It's clear so I can easily see the contents. The small bottle and larger items I like to house in a zippered pouch I brought back from Japan. The pretty scene reminds me of warmer weather when I'm knitting cold weather accessories.

    What's in your knitting bag? If you don't have one already I hope this inspires you to start knitting! Get your bag on and post a picture. I'd love to see it! Tweet me @tinselmint or post a comment below.


    1. Michelle, your scarf is lovely. Such a nice green. Looks warm and cosy.
      Your ideas for the knitting bag are great.

    2. This has inspired me to find a more suitable bag for my project and "stuff" other than my current ziploc bag!

    3. One odd thing in my project bag is bobby pins. I knit a lot of color work, and they are excellent butterfly 'bobbin' holders. I can even pin the bobbin to the floats in side the work to keep things from getting tangled.

    4. Thanks eveyone!

      Wolffs...I'm glad you like the green as well. It's a popular colour this season!

      Mommy...I'll have a post soon on knitting bags, but a basic tote is my fav.

      lemurknits...that's a great tip! Thanks for sharing!