I strongly believe in the importance of finding happiness is our everyday lives and celebrating it. Some of our greatest joys are the simple things in life!

I'm sitting here writing this post and I have to admit my apartment is a bit chilly. Its springtime and I have the windows open airing out the place despite the spring showers and chilly breeze. It's funny how only yesterday I was soaking up the spring sun and enjoying twenty-six degree weather. Thinking about the lovely day I had yesterday has reminded me of how important it is to celebrate these small joys.

Today I'm enjoying a warm cup of tea, mail and new yarn!


Billow Super Soft Pima Cotton
Last week I got the latest KnitPicks catalogue in the mail...the yarn in there is dreamy! The one featured on the cover, Billow, is my current favorite. I ordered it in spearmint and it just arrived! I can't wait to start knitting up this super soft cotton. Mail and new yarn are definitely putting a smile on my face today.

KnitPicks Dream Catalogue

I'm really looking forward to this weekend and getting started on a new knitting project. I'm hoping to turn these lovely spearmint (my pictures don't do the colour justice) thick and thin pima cotton skeins into an infinity scarf that will be perfect for the weather we're having. Is anyone interested in doing a knit along? I'll be posting the details soon and yes it will be super simple and easy to knit.

KnitPicks Billow Spearmint

Spearmint Super Soft Yarn

What makes you smile? Has something brought you happiness today? I would love to here what you're celebrating in your life today! Tweet me @tinselmint or leave a comment below.

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  1. Love the colour of the yarn. Can't wait to see the finished scarf.