The purl stitch is the second of the two fundamental stitches in knitting, the first being the knit stitch (you can check out my post and video on learning the knit stitch here). This is the third step in learning how to knit.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, knitting and purling are the basics to knitting. If you can knit and purl, there is an endless supply of stitch patterns right at your fingertips! One of the easiest is called the stockinette stitch which I'll cover in a later post.

Let's start purling! (tip: you can watch all my videos in HD)

Keywords in this post:
  • purl stitch - a bumpy horizontal loop with a semicircle shape, also known as purling and abbreviated as "p"
  • short end - yarn end that does not lead to a ball of yarn, also known as a tail
  • ball end - yarn end that leads directly to your ball of yarn, also known as a working end

How to Purl

To recap, when purling:
  • keep working / ball end of yarn at front of work
  • insert your needle into the front of the stitch from right to left
  • wrap your yarn over and under your needle and pull through

You'll notice your purl stitch looks an awful lot like the back side of your knit stitch. That's because it is! Purling is knitting's opposite.

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  1. Michelle, a very clear video and instructions, Keep up the good work