Casting off, also called binding off, is the fourth step in learning the basics of knitting. If you missed the first three you can find them here: casting on, the knit stitch, and the purl stitch.

Learning how to cast off completes your work by creating a finished edge. The technique that is best for beginners is the plain cast off. This is by far the most used and most basic method out there.

Are you ready?

Keywords in this post are:
  • casting off - secures stitches and creates a finished edge, also known as binding off
  • ball end - yarn end that leads directly to your ball of yarn, also known as a working end
  • darn in - to secure loose ends by weaving them into your work using a darning needle

Things to remember when casting off:
  • work loosely
  • knit two stitches and using your needle / fingers pass the first over the second
  • cut your yarn and draw through last stitch


Choosing to knit or purl when casting off will depend on the stitch pattern you've chosen as you'll want to work the stitches in the same way they were formed in your pattern. This is something to consider once you've advanced to stitch patterns beyond just straight knitting or purling.

With the basics you now know, what will you knit? If you choose something too difficult it may leave you feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. Remember that knitting should be fun so choose something simple for your first project and don't forget to let us know how you did. Leave a comment or tweet us @tinselmint. Be sure to follow us on YouTube for more how to knit videos.


  1. Thanks for your knitting posts. I'm making the infinity scarf with the same Billow yarn.

    1. I'm very happy to hear that Dejamraz. Thanks for sharing!